Thursday, January 8, 2015

SPB Sashtanga Namaskaram To Legends

SP.Balsubrahmanyam achieved name and fame in film industry. He attained many dizzy heights and scaled many pinnacles. However even after all the success he remains grounded to the floor surprising all.

Recently he posted the snaps of him with legends director K.Balachander and lyricist Ganesh Patro. He invited them to his Paaduta Teeyaga show sometime back. What shocked everyone is the moment they graced the show, he prostrated at their feet.

SPB shared the photos of legends and his magical moments with them after hearing the shocking demise of K.Balachander and Ganesh Patro. SPB also shared his association with Ahuti Prasad who passed away couple of days back. SPB shared his memories paying rich tributes to them in his own impeccable manner.


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