Sunday, December 27, 2015

Received more love, recognition in Karnataka than anywhere else: SP Balasubramanyam

"If at all there is rebirth, I would like to be reborn in Karnataka for it is this state that has given me the most honour after Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh," said eminent singer S P Balasubrahmanyam. "The love and warmth that Karnataka has shown to my little talent is so vast that I cannot repay the same in this life and if the Lord almighty is listening to my prayers today and there is rebirth, I would like to be born in Karnataka to repay the debt," he added.

Delivering his acceptance speech after receiving the Alva's Virasat award at the inaugural function of Alva's Virasat 2015, a four-day national cultural festival, Balasubrahmanyam, better known as SPB to his legions of fans said the very second song he sang in his career spanning 49 years was Nakkare Adhe Swarga in Kannada in January 1967. "It was Ranga Rao who gave me this chance, and I knew a smattering of Kannada then and that Kannada was a language," he said.

Presently, my mother tongue is music. I did not learn music formally from any guru. I learnt it listening to others, SPB said adding that if at all he has received any accolades for this self learnt talent, it is in Karnataka. Noting that he has performed twice at Alva's Virasat in the past and was scheduled to perform again later in the day, SPB said, "My only concern is that at no time should the music be harsh on the ears of the listeners and this is my humble prayer to God."

Referring to the award conferred on him by Alva's Education Foundation headed by Dr M Mohan Alva, SPB said, "I have received many an award and honours in my career. But the award that I received today has by far been the best in my life and I am certain I will not receive any other award better than this." Noting he may not want any more awards in his life, SPB dedicated this award to his mother, whom he said would have been most happy to see him receive it.

Hinting that his talent is nil but for the efforts of all who have projected him to the heights he has reached in his career, SPB was meticulous is laying the credit at their feet. These included all those who composed the songs that he sang, the musicians who score the music, the actors who sashayed to his songs on screen as well as all the music directors and film producers who reposed faith in his abilities and offered him an opportunity to be part of their projects.

Inaugurating the festival, D Veerendra Heggade, dharmadhikari, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala said there is need for research on how to make student life more useful. "The thrust of education should be to stoke the passion for knowledge among students and help them become well rounded personalities," he said adding this is the very essence of education imparted by Alva's Education Foundation. Extracurricular activities do not affect the results of students, he asserted.

Earlier, in a break from tradition, R K Padmanabhan, eminent singer, Sathyanarayana, yakshagana singer and his troupe, sang paeans about the talent that SPB is, and Manipur and Sri Lankan dancers expressed the same in the form of dance. A misty eyed SPB sat through this with folded hands and even went on to express his doubts if he was truly worthy of such love and affection that was showered on him. Dr Mohan Alva welcomed the gathering.

Courtesy: Times of India

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